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Okay, so I had a brain-bolt of an idea recently, and I'm currently working on a rough draft of a comic book script. Seven pages into the first issue, and it looks like it'll be a 6-issue arc. Or, if I run low, a 3-issue one. I'm not completely sure what the overall story is. Details.

Story isn't important- what is important is characters. Which really, is my problem. I've got a sweet super-heroine idea, and I can't, for the life of me, come up with a good name for her. Not her mundane name, I banged one of those out in seconds (of course, I'm changing it, because I've decided, since I've been doing all this work learning Farsi, she should be half Iranian). It's her super hero name that's giving me a problem.

Here's the deal: she's a cyberpunk "Dr. Strange". She can astrally project into computers or networks thereof. So she can wander the Internet, for example. She also can interact with software and hardware as if they were actual living entities. This also involves being able to engage in this digital-mystical combat sorta thing. Finally, she's got a sidekick in the form of an alien AI that is cohabitating in her brain.

From the mundane side of things, she's a girlgeek in High School, probably in some unholy state like Texas. Things aren't so great for her, but she's not the utter outcast. She just kinda falls in the middle, not popular, but not hated. Teachers tend to assume she's not good with computers, and it's given her a nasty taste for revenge, which she's good at extracting.

For the life of me, I can't come up with anything better than "Digital Girl", which is pretty bad. And before you ask, "Grrl" is totally out of the question.

So, any thoughts? I'm open to suggestions.

While I'm at it actually, any one interested in drawing? I'm doing the panel layout as part of my draft (makes it easier to get the flow), which should make it easier. Course, I'm also using plenty of one-panel pages, at least for the first issue, just because it's a quick and easy way to establish the setting without filling pages with godawful amounts of text.

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