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I am the Fog that clouds men's minds...

I love the fog, tonight, while romping around on various activities, 'Manda and I drove past a nearby cemetary... which was blanketed in fog. There's nothing quite like seeing the rows of grave markers fade into a bleak grey. It was beautiful.
So since about thsi time last night, 'Manda and I have been struggling with communication breakdowns. She comes to me looking for comfort, but I fail to give it, things like that. I think I should feel worse about it than I do... because I don't really feel bad about it.
Side note: I've discovered that people consider me two faced. I was rather surprised, because I personally feel it far from the truth. I will grant that I am inconstant and mercurial- but that's different from being two faced. In order to be two faced, you must be imitating something that you aren't. I just don't like to be the same thing for too long.
It is my goal after all, to be everything at everytime. Past, present, and future. Moreover, I believe that such a unity is possible.
So anywho, finally, 'Manda and Sarah and I started getting somewhere with communication, and I've been able to understand some things that I couldn't before... like why someone might be afraid of thier feral aspects.

I don't want to go to work at nine tomorrow. Oh, poor baby, get over it
Sarah and I did have another failing, partially shared by Amanda. Sarah can understand why someone might be revolted by sexual activity or the thought therof, but not why someone might be disinterested in sexual activity altogether. I on the other hand, was quite the opposite. 'Manda could sorta understand disinterest, but could easily handle revulsion.

'Manda went on this "association" thing... you develop negative associations. Great... grand. But the thing is, if something makes you uncomfortable, make it stop. Either change it, or change how you interact with it. Avoidance is never a solution for me. It is a postponment of a solution. You can isolate yourself all you want, but eventually, you have to deal with it. You can bluff a couple of hands, but someone is going to call eventually, and when they do, you'd better be holding a flush or you're fucked.

It seems to me, that some people view stasis as a virtue. The ability to be one thing and stick to it a grand thing. And admittedly, I tend to like that aspect in other people as a general rule, but there needs to be a segment of the population that just quakes with change. That never contradict themselves because they believe everything.

Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.
Everything is true. Nothing is permitted.
Everything is true. Everything is permitted.
Nothing is true. Nothing is permitted.

Am I the only one who doesn't see these as contradictory? They all say the same thing.

Embrace the absurdity...

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