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Sent a letter...

I sent a letter to the Whitehouse, my representative, and both my senators:

Honorable Senators and Representatives,
Of my district and state in the US,

Recent news headlines have given disturbing news indeed over this weekend. The NY Times reported, and a new book is heading to the shelves, recounting the tale of a domestic wiretapping program to monitor the activities of "terrorists" communicating overseas.

Bush himself admits to this program in a recent speech, upset that this pet project was revealed, and offered us this defense:
1) These people had ties to terrorists- we checked!
2) We reviewed this program on a regular basis.
3) I did it multiple times.

To slip into the vernacular: "Somebody better send that boy Johnny Cochrane, because if that's a defense, he's goin' to jail!"

The FISA act puts clear restrictions on wiretapping international calls. And like any search, the Constitution requires approval from a judiciary body, which in this case, was the FISC. From the information that has been released thus far, this does not seem to have occured.

Bush goes on to tell us that Congress knew about it- which makes me ask who, how many, and why the hell didn't they do something about it? Again, that is not a defense, because Congress is _not judicial review_.

This is a clear violation of Constitutional princples, most specifically the IVth and XIVth amendments. This is not about us versus the terrorists. This isn't about keeping America safe from foreign threats. This is about preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States- from all threats, foreign, or in this case, domestic.

There can be no debate on this matter. An inquiry must go forward with all reasonable speed. There can be no partisian bias, no stalling, and no quarter in the name of "executive privlege". If we cannot rely on our government to live by the rules that govern us all, then we are not now, nor ever will be safe from harm. If nothing is done, then the war is over, and we have lost.

So, again, an inquiry must begin immediately, and, if it finds evidence sufficient for charges- which it seems our President has provided with his own words- an Impeachment process must begin. The judicial branch placed George W. Bush into his office five years ago, and it seems fitting that the judiciary should also determine his fitness to remain there.

I look forward to hearing progress on this front, and I shall be observing the news and the Congressional Record very closely over the next few months, looking for progress in this area.

Remy Porter

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