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Patriot act renewal failed

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Patriot act renewal failed

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run the fuck away
After spreading democracy around the world, the spirit of democracy has finally come home to the United States. That's right kids, the PATRIOT act has been struck down in the Showcase Showdown, and Freedom will be returning tomorrow to compete for the following fabulous prizes...

Hoo-fuckin' ra.

All this talk about making the world safe for democracy- this is the example to be set. Our government failed us and then made amends. It's been fixed. Shout that from the mountain-tops, and down in the caves and the huts where our boogeymen lurk. It's not every day our fundamental freedoms win in a fight- but it's a hell of a lot oftener than any other form of Government allows.

Go into Iraq, and show them this- this is the strength of our Republic. Broadcast into the openly displayed, yet illegal satellite television receivers in Iran, and make the Mullahs cry like little girls in private, and spout invective in public.

As noble a goal as fostering democracy around the world is, that work starts at home, and today, the American people have done more to achieve that than any invasion ever could.

Go us.
  • We'll see. Trouble is that I suspect that the Great Unwashed are going to side with McCain who (IIRC) said that letting Patriot lapse would be an "invitation to terrorists" or somesuch... I expect being "soft on terror" will be a big issue in the midterms as a result of this.
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