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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Stupid Asshat Creationists

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Stupid Asshat Creationists

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run the fuck away
South Carolina is angling for the title of "Another State I Will Never Willingly Visit, with another bout over this creationism bullshit.

In small words, let me say this. Creationism should be taught in the classroom if:
A) Consideration of factual scientific evidence leads scientists to believe that it has some merit, it then becomes a topic discussed in scientific journals, college classrooms, and eventually public schools as is usually done with the latest scientific advancements.
B) God said so.
C) Because most people support it (because God told them to!)

If you chose anything but "A"- you're an idiot. If I find you reading my journal again, I'm going to kick your ass, got me?

“Science is not democracy,” said Jerry Waldvogel, a Clemson University professor.

“Science is not negotiated,” said Doug Florian, a College of Charleston professor.

“Science is based on evidence,” said Joe Pollard, a Furman University professor.

My final comments? Go ahead a teach Creationism in the classroom. Encourage "Critical thought about the topics," like you promise to. When presented with the evidence for Evolution (copious), which is then compared with the evidence for Creationism (spurious), if you're really advocating critical thought, no one will believe Creationism anymore.
  • I honestly believe Creationism should be taught in the classroom, in just about every comparative religion class.

    Not in biology or other science class, though. No. No. NO.
  • I, personally, think we should infuse "alternate theories" into all classes.

    For example, in Physics class, there's "gravity", but there's also "God's will". Which makes things fall? Do we really know?

    What about Math? Sure, we have theories about circles and such, but who really created PI?

    In Geography, a definite effort should be made to point out the locations of important places like Eden, Noah's Ark (crash site), Gethsemane, and Bethlehem. And it should be presented as a perfectly viable "alternate map" that maybe, just maybe, Palestine doesn't exist.

    A "Tongues" course should be introduced alongside Latin, French, and Spanish. After all, it's just about introducing fair choice right?

    And finally, in Astronomy class, it should be clearly pointed out that earth might be the center of the whole Universe, just as God intended. Oh. Wait...Did the religious people decide they don't believe that now? I can't remember. It's all so mecurial.

    • *ahem* I meant mercurial obviously. Shit.
      • I hate lj typos... If only because you can't edit what you JUST wrote. But I wouldn't worry about, if God wanted lj comments to be editable, He would have made it that way.

        It's just God's will that you typed that wong.
        • Hm. You're right. Perhaps learning grammar in English class is an affront to His Will! It should be taught that incorrect spelling is a perfectly acceptable alternative to correct spelling.

          It's all about equal time to all beliefs, it's not about putting down proper spelling! It's about giving the students all perspectives!
  • It's all liberal junk science, anyway. Compulsory education should be limited to Sunday school. GARGOYLES!
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