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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Good Day

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

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Good Day

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Yesterday, it was Thanksgiving with the folks down in KTown.

Fun was had by all. For the love of Christ, I enjoy spending time with my family, which only a few years ago, I didn't think would be possible. I actually friggin' looked forward to spending time with them. WTF? When did that happen?

My dad and I music geeked. I got my family set up with Firefox and AdAware, since my mom was having some trouble with the Comet Cursor (OF EVIL). My Grandmother sat and sulked because she isn't capable of understanding 90% of the things we talk about, being both senile and functionally illiterate.

She's actually decaying pretty rapidly actually. For example. My Grandmother has spent every Thanksgiving ever with my family. For several weeks, my Mother has been telling her the plans for this Thanksgiving, what my Mom was making, stuff like that. The day before Thanksgiving, my Mother calls her and lets her know that we don't know for sure what time it's going to be starting, because I'm coming from Albany, and Minna and I didn't know when we were leaving.

On Thanksgiving, my Mother calls to give Grandma an ETA, and discovers that my Grandmother has prepared herself an entire Thanksgiving dinner already, because she didn't think she was going to be invited.

Well, we wrapped that up, and I rounded up Apples and Sam. The four of us (Minna included) ramble on down to Sam's place to hangout- why there? Because Sam has installed a camper trailer in his backyard for said purpose. It's not all hooked up yet, but Sam has his own personal trailer. It's tiny and cramped, but decent enough for an RPG session. Which is exactly what we did.

The game? A new one, that I will write down some actual rules for at some point, called Shattersphere. The game is set twenty years after the end of the world, God kinda smashed the place up, and now everybody lives on these floating shards of Earth, and drive/sail/fly gigantic etherships that are a cross beween the new Dodge Charger, a Schooner, and the starship Enterprise. The Isle of Godzirra is a place no man has survived, but women are fine. Godzirra is the bass player, and loves to mack it with the groupies. And yes, I do mean the giant lizard Godzirra.

It was silly, weird, and fairly fucked up. High-larious. You probably would have thought we were high if you were a fly on the wall. It was a ball, and I really need to visit downstate more often.
  • I'm glad you seem to be getting on with your family a bit more. How's your sister doing? You didn't mention her at all.
    • She doesn't really talk to anybody in the family, but she's come out a lot more. It's really funny, because she's turned into one of the girls that hangs out with the geeks. Comic book and RPG geeks, although now she's in with a bunch of HIM fans, which is really funny, because my friend Kerrin is completely obsessed with that group. But apparently, despite being really quiet with us, she's the total socialite in school.
  • Cool. :)
  • him? what? lolol
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