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In the beginning...

Finally, after his 10 (out of 100) midterm grade on his website, Remy has started his website for webdesign. I'm starting a political movement to benefit the Minority of Remy. I'm only half kidding.

See, way I figure it, the world'd be a better place if everyone was viewed as a minority of one. And then, of course, there's the Remy Benefit fund, to provide services and care for Remy, so that the Remy no longer needs to be oppressed by a system that favors the mainstream.

Of course none of that's on my site yet. It's just the graphical interface for now. I'll actually fill it with content later, but if someone (Like PVX) would remind me of the syntax for server side includes, I'd greatly appreciate it.

A.R.I.A. the Association for Remy's Individual Advancement.

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