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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Transfomers live action movie.

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Transfomers live action movie.

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So, they're planning to release a Transformers movie in '07. They've got writers and directors lined up.

This guy, that guy and this other guy.

So, the director of such gems as Pearl Harbor and Armageddon- though to be fair, he did do the Rock, which I did enjoy. And we've got the writer from Mission Impossible 3, which I didn't even know they were making another one. I guess I have to withold judgement about it's suck until after it's released, when I know it will suck. To his credit though, he did write for Sam Raimi's "Jack of All Trades", an enjoyable and shortlived campy show starring Bruce Campbell. Last but not least, we've got the guy who wrote The Core and Catwoman. Someone who should be shot, not given another writing job. To his credit, he did write on "Jackie Chan Adventures" which was silly and fun, at the very least. And he had the foresight to produce the unaired pilot of "Global Frequency".

In short, I have this sinking feeling that my childhood is about to be raped, even if I didn't get interested in "Transformers" until college. I know how smegging weird that is.
  • unhelpfully

    I miss Jack of All Trades like a physical pain. Why did they cancel it? Why?
  • You will feel exactly how I felt during ST: Nemesis and The new Star Wars trilogy.

    I felt as if my childhood got raped and the video was sold on ebay. There were tears.
  • Your "this other guy" link is broken Mr. Thttp.
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