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Gooooood Morning Siena College...

It's morning. Just thought I'd point that out, in case anyone happened to be confused, or in a different time zone.

Time zones? Bah! When I was in fifth grade I developed a timezoneless timekeeping system designed for astronomical research. Time was the number of degrees the earth had rotated since 0 longitude had passed the center alignment with the sun (ie. noon). To calculate the local time, you'd subtract your longitude from 360+"Grenwich Astronomical Time".

Makes sense to me.

And if anyone wants to loan me boots appropriate for my Sleepy Hollow costume, I'm a size 11.

And what's with Aylee this year? Has she gone full circle? From man eating alien to really big man eating alien? Is this just an inbetween phase? Is she just making it up? Did she have an allergic reaction to potatoes? Am I the physical incarnation of Riff, or just a Riff wannabe?

Rules for costumes:

1) Recognizability.

Your costume should be something that the average street goer will recognize. In otherwords, fictional figures, social groups, etc. that people know about. You can be amish, a goth, or the Terminator or something, because people know those.

2) Outthereness

Your costume should be something drastically different from what you'd normally be seen in. Like, if someone in the Siena Medival Club dressed up as a medival person, that'd be a weak costume. Also, outthereness can compensate for a lack of recognizability. For example, if you went as Ash, from the Evil Dead Series. However, going as someone like, say, Torg, from Sluggy Freelance, is stupid. Torg is a normal guy wearing a flannel shirt. Not a costume.

3) Precision.

Your costume should look like what you want to be- and it shouldn't look like a costume. Now, obviously, we all have budgetary limitations, but you can do a good costume cheap if you flex your creativity. This is why it's generally good to avoid scifi costumes like the Alien from the movie of the same title. Really hard to do on a budget, but soooo awesome if you can pull it off. The best costumes can come from a trip to the Salvation Army or another Thrift Store, (or just a $3 silk shirt like I got yesterday) or a little creativity with a sewing machine or both.


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