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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Gooooood Morning Siena College...

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Gooooood Morning Siena College...

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run the fuck away
It's morning. Just thought I'd point that out, in case anyone happened to be confused, or in a different time zone.

Time zones? Bah! When I was in fifth grade I developed a timezoneless timekeeping system designed for astronomical research. Time was the number of degrees the earth had rotated since 0 longitude had passed the center alignment with the sun (ie. noon). To calculate the local time, you'd subtract your longitude from 360+"Grenwich Astronomical Time".

Makes sense to me.

And if anyone wants to loan me boots appropriate for my Sleepy Hollow costume, I'm a size 11.

And what's with Aylee this year? Has she gone full circle? From man eating alien to really big man eating alien? Is this just an inbetween phase? Is she just making it up? Did she have an allergic reaction to potatoes? Am I the physical incarnation of Riff, or just a Riff wannabe?

Rules for costumes:

1) Recognizability.

Your costume should be something that the average street goer will recognize. In otherwords, fictional figures, social groups, etc. that people know about. You can be amish, a goth, or the Terminator or something, because people know those.

2) Outthereness

Your costume should be something drastically different from what you'd normally be seen in. Like, if someone in the Siena Medival Club dressed up as a medival person, that'd be a weak costume. Also, outthereness can compensate for a lack of recognizability. For example, if you went as Ash, from the Evil Dead Series. However, going as someone like, say, Torg, from Sluggy Freelance, is stupid. Torg is a normal guy wearing a flannel shirt. Not a costume.

3) Precision.

Your costume should look like what you want to be- and it shouldn't look like a costume. Now, obviously, we all have budgetary limitations, but you can do a good costume cheap if you flex your creativity. This is why it's generally good to avoid scifi costumes like the Alien from the movie of the same title. Really hard to do on a budget, but soooo awesome if you can pull it off. The best costumes can come from a trip to the Salvation Army or another Thrift Store, (or just a $3 silk shirt like I got yesterday) or a little creativity with a sewing machine or both.

  • First of all, I agree about Aylee - what gives with the sudden change of heart? She looked a lot better before the recent transformation too.

    Second of all - fuck your rules. Your expectations are on the too high side. If you want to try and turn yourself into Johhny Depp's clone, be my guest. But don't expect too many other people to abide by your whims.
  • My My, easy with the language, Dear. He was just being helpful...
  • When a writing professor points out errors in your work, do you tell them to fuck themselves? When an art instructor critques one's technique, do you decide their rules must be done away with?

    They're not rules for halloween costumes, they're rules for good costumes. All good costumes follow these general rules, and most other good costuming rules can be derived from these general principles.
    • You're not a professor or instructor on the matter. Don't tell me what not to tell you.
      • But then again, you've never participated in a Webelos' Weekend as a staff memember at camp trimount, where you quite rapidly learn what flies and does not fly when it comes to costuming. As one with experience, I provide guidelines that everyone can use to make better costumes.

        Some costumes are bad ideas to begin with. Most prepackaged costumes, for example, are rather shitty. Animal costumes, nine times out of ten, turn out looking... really bad. Mainly because humans don't generally have the body shape to pull of animals (funny that). The best idea for animal costumes are generally conceptual- like a Goth Kitty or a Raver Squirell, where you personify an animal.

        You're just upset because *gasp*, your costume idea doesn't fit my standards. Unless you go really gung ho about it, which from your rather blase description of how easy a costume it was, you haven't.

        The #1 rule about costumes: If you can describe it as easy, it's not a fun costume.
        • Fun in what sense? To wear or to make, or what?
          And if it's not fun, then what is it?

          And since when do any of my ideas fit your standards? Just because you think something has to be done a particular way doesn't mean I have to listen to any of it.
  • Wow did you get defensive on that one. What's wrong with you? And how are his expectations "too high"? The first two are fairly resonable. The third is also good. A good costume looks like what it's supposed to. If it didn't need to - would hollywood spend so much money on costumes & special affects? This isn't to say that if it doesn't look exactly right that it will be a terrible costume. Nor is it to say that a costume that "looks like a costume" is necessarily bad - it just isn't great. Which is going to grab your attention more - the guy who uses two pieces of posterboard to make himself a "card" or the person who takes the time to make the Wicked Witch of the West's costume and adds the green makeup, wig and hat? (My mom's done this.)
    • What's wrong with me? I'm sick of your stupid boyfriend dictating all the rules and expecting everyone to go along with them no questions asked.
      The second rule is the only one I really agree with. Besides, Hollywood and Halloween are two different things. Halloween should be a bit more relaxed and more forgiving. There's such a thing as suspension of belief.
      • Re:

        It's HIS journal. You choose to read it. Those were his rules on what he considers to be a good costume. Perhaps a better delineation is a "great costume" versus a "good costume" versus an outright poor one. If he'd commented in your journal with his rules... you'd have a better argument.
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