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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Geek Matters - ITS ALIVE

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Geek Matters - ITS ALIVE

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So I had a really bright idea yesterday. You may remember my post about hosting? I decided I wanted to start a professional blog, in addition to this personal one.

And here's the big idea. I want to do a technology blog, and not just technology, but cutting edge, what's coming down the pipe stuff. That itself, not so exciting. The target audience however, is your mother. I want to have a group of writers working to take the most esoteric of technologies, and explain to average joes exactly what it is, and why it should be important to them, and what it'll mean. DRM, viruses, identity theft, pervasive wireless networking, weable computing- whatever. The key is- it has to be something that actually matters to someone who's only interested in browsing eBay, and explained so that they can understand it, without spoon feeding them the content.

So, in preparation for an official launch sometime in the near future, I'm looking for two, maybe three writers to help contribute to the site. The call for writers is here and the "About Geekmatters" is here.

And yeah, can you believe that geekmatters.com was just lying around unclaimed? My first choice for the domain and I got it.
  • I actually *have* to do something like this for a class. I'm doing it as a presentation. Interested in a brief write-up on electronic paper?
    • Sure- are you looking to be a regular contributor, or just this one-off thing? Or just once-in-a-while?
      • I think one-off to once-in-a-while. Not sure yet, but, I like your general concept. :) Of course, I'm more interested in theory than tech, so, I'm likely to lose interest quickly.
        • Shoot me an email then- I'll send you your account name and password (and management URL)- and I'm gonna give you an account with the ability to write and save drafts, at your liesure, and then a mod can come by and publish it for you.

          I think that's what I'm going to do with anyone who wants to contribute without really trying to keep up on it. If anyone starts wanting to post so much that moderating becomes a pain- then I'll just promote them.
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