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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Isn't humanity grand?

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Isn't humanity grand?

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johnny cash
I go to buy smokie treats after seeing Minna off to her onsite. I go to pull out my card to pay annnnd- it's missing. I knew, in an instant, the last place it was used. Dave and Buster's in Pittsburgh. So, I call to report it missing- and wouldn't you know it, some scumbag had themselves a little shopping spree at my expense. And it wasn't even classy- CVS and KMart. Fuckin' A.

Anywho, I fill out some forms at the bank tomorrow, and they'll give me the money back. A new card will show up in a few days. I hate people.
  • Sadly: Been there, done that.

    Back when I lived in Eugene, Oregon, I lived across the street from the UO Credit Union, of which I was a member. Well one day I got back to my crappy apt. and received a phone call "Oh hi. You accidentally left your card over here just now." Now that was strange.

    So I went over there, picked it up from the cashier chick, and went home again. No big deal. Lucky me. Right? hahah

    A few days later the card has started being used to buy pizzas for delivery (purely over the phone, unverified...idiots) and have shit couriered around town (yes, that's right, door-to-door).

    I filled out my forms, got my money back. UO even told me the address of the people who had been buying the pizzas (!) and started anti-fraud actions against them.

    So what had happened, it seems, is that the cashier chick had palmed the card, written down the # for her buddies, then called me when she "realized I left it." Fuckin' weak, huh?

  • That blows. You didn't even get taken in by high-brow hoods. Could be worse, they could have bought E-Machines or ancient Gateways with your card :P
  • Fuckers. I wish nasty and disfiguring skin diseases upon them! Also, law enforcement.
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