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Neat stuff from yesterday- it wasn't all bad. I just sat down to write this when I was in my most horrible possible mood. And yeah... maybe someday I'll actually organize my thoughts so i don't put five posts up within minutes of each other.

Alright, thursday night 'Manda and Liz came to visit, and ended up crashing here. I babysat Liz for a bit while 'Manda was at work, and then Dennis swept me away to go check out an art gallery in Troy. Some neat stuff on display; it was all tek oriented. Pretty shpif. The wittiest display was a set of art designed to filter OP2 molocules from the air, since they can build up and cause people to beocme uncreative. Yes, OP2 was made up. But the guy had an entire scientific sounding explanation for his work.

Also... in another display someone, Beth O'Rourke to be exact, made a most wonderful pair of sculptures made from spare electronic parts. It was really really gorgeous. I want to find her and talk to her. With nothing but a name to go on, how hard could it be?

I'm just a crazy lunatic about such matters.

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