How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

The Saga Continues

I am going to fucking cave someone's skull in so hard their eyes pop out, and I will proceed to skullfuck the sockets. With an ashtray the size of a really fucking big brick.

This morning, I go to Sandi, "This class is b0rked. I can't fucking walk in there and face these people. We need to do something."
"If you teach out of the MOC, would that be better?"
"A little."

So we make a last minute switch to working with the MOC kits, the officiall Microsoft courseware, as opposed to the shit-ass book I've been using all week. What do I discover? This class (it was 3-days followed by 2-days, a different class each with the same students (mostly)), the 2-day portion I'm starting today, is programming. Programming that isn't anywhere in the book I was supposed to be teaching out of. Programming that the students aren't here to learn. In fact, nothing that's been taught this week was what they came here for. They were totally misold the class, the class blows up from a technical standpoint (and then the power goes out! YEA!), the stuff I'm teaching isn't what they want.


Still, it feels much better to know that I'm not the one screwing everything up. I'm getting screwed by shit planning and shittier communication. That's the biggest stress reliever ever- the sudden realization that it isn't all your fault. The rest of the week, I thought I was the one screwing everything up. But no, this whole thing was doomed before I even got my hands on it.

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