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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Sound and fury, signifying nothing.

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

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Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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Not too long ago, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers- this is where domain names come from), approved a new top-level domain, .xxx. Five years ago, ICANN was dead set against this, while politicos pushed for them to do it, the thinking being that if we can get all the pr0n in one place, we can regulate it. Senator Palpatine Lieberman said that it would force online pornographers to obey the same rules as a fleshside porn theater.

So, five years later, ICANN changes its mind. And now the conservatives scream that we'd be condoning pr0n if we allowed that domain. So we can't have it. Now, I've got some problems with the .xxx domain, but approaching it from a conservative standpoint, I would think this would be considered a good thing. Whether you're running Windows, Linux or OSX, there's a little thing called a "hosts" file. Adding a line like this:

would effectively block pr0n. (Note: I'm not sure you can block a top level domain in exactly that fashion, but regardless, it'd be damn easy)

That's why conservatives should support the .xxx domain. But it's a very narrow view. I mean, how do we guarantee that all pornographers use it? Pass a law? So the US passes a law that forces online pr0n onto the .xxx domain. And then, magically, the fact that the Internet operates in a wide number of nations takes hold. Pr0n is a big industry and it makes gobs of cash. It wouldn't exactly be hard to incorporate in East Bumfuckia, which doesn't have the law and colocate your servers in a web-farm down there. When I say East Bumfuckia, I mean Sweden, which has the most permissive Internet and copyright legislation anywhere.

Then what? Do we have to put up a China-like nationwide firewall to control what material from other nations slips into ours? Face it kiddos- the Internet was not designed with censorship in mind, and it is exceedingly difficult to paste it on after the fact without going to extremes that curtail free speech.

The .xxx domain is an exercise in futility. It means nothing, it will accomplish nothing. Most pr0n sites will probably maintain a .com and a .xxx domain, and direct them both to the same content. Even if they don't want to colocate, they can incorporate in another nation, buy the .com in that nation, and set up a redirect to US located content. Puhleeze.
  • I don't mean to pick nits, but it's the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers.

    ; )

    I knew what you were on about, tho.

    Also the hardest part of the .xxx top level domain is that it would never be enforced... It's completely voluntary that a site would use it instead of a .com or otherwise. (And it would be danedably hard to patrol... And exactly who's responsibility to patrol would it be? You can see why ICANN shied away from it, especially if that meant that it would have to be the watchdog for this, needless to say about how the hell do you go about converting all the prono.com's to a .xxx now?)



    • Fixed the ICANN. How's my hosts file thing? Can you do that in a hosts file?
    • Well, Windows won't do it. (Just try it in the hosts file and drop something like .com, or *.com pointing to the address.) It just ignores it. For the most part hosts is for explicit hosts, or networks, but not entire top-levels.

      To test it of course you need to go to a site that's no longer in your dns cache.

    • The quick answer is "no". Hosts is only to block a specific host, not a network. (I guess that's why it's called a hosts file.) You not only cannot do a toplevel, nor can you do a network like pgnblade.com.
      I was unable to do it in Linux or in Windows.

      Also, the convention in both Windows and Linux seems to be IP then hostname then alias, with each separated by at least one space (But usually tabbed)

      • Crap. I knew I had more to say...

        The * makes no difference (Convention is generally simply the network name like pgnblade.com rather than *.pgnblade.com)

        This is an easy thing to filter in nearly any router worth it's salt, tho.

        • Hell, with something that basic, there could be a checkbox in the browser options that just redirects away from any url that is for .xxx. It's really easy to filter for, but it still requires that porn sites are willing to make that move.
  • TLDs are stupid

    Notably, the fact that .xxx and .com are not functionally distinct (that is, they both represent commercial activities, and therefore would probably be cross-registered as you mentioned) is exactly why the ICANN was originall against .xxx.

    Myself, I have come to the conclusion that the very idea of a TLD is a valueless and meaningless relic from the early days of the net. WTF...How many people do you know who have theirownname.com or whatever? And then we've go THIS fiasco:

    .co.uk (???)

    oh and then there's of course the HILARIOUSLY meaningless entrance of things like:
    .aero (which somehow IS NOT .com???)
    and all of the "country codes for sale to anybody":
    .to .cc etc. etc.

    It's all comedic! It means NOTHING! I say we just scrap the concept entirely, and only have "special case" TLDs like .mil, .gov, .edu whatever...everything else is totally open. So I could have:


    Why not?
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