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Pimpage, and *ahem* "tooting" my own horn.

"Does that mean I have a bias? No. I have a bias." - Scholar, Sage, and Savior of the Animation Industry, Ronixis.

As of late, I've been finally getting my RPG fix in. No, not your computerized RPG bull-crap, I mean real RPG, pen-and-paper, tabletop type. I've been having the urge to run a game lately, so I have- and the game I'm using is Truth and Justice, a super-hero™ RPG from Atomic Sock Monkey. A small time, indie RPG publisher, they really deserve your money. They are one of the few bastions of a system that isn't D20 and isn't cribbed from WhiteWolf. Even more important, they make a good, fast paced game, with simple rules (I am not a number cruncher, nor am I interested in large numbers of charts)- and most importantly, Truth and Justice, to my mind, really captures the comic-book storytelling style.

I've raved about the system to my RP buddies, and I've got two games running right now. One, with Sarah, Dennis and Minna, and a solo game running with Minna alone. That's right. A solo game. Even better- it's a solo game that works. How often can you say that about an RPG?

Now, for the horn-tooting portion- the games I'm running rock. I'm very proud of how they're turning out, and really pleased with the responses I'm getting from the players. Neither Minna nor Sarah are really all that into role-playing- but both of them look forward to the game each week (or, for Minna's solo game, whever we feel like). I've even gotten Sarah up and moving and acting out what her character does. As for the quality of the game- well, that's the most important part. We all have lots of fun. The quality of the stories? Well, they're comic book quality. The group game is fairly light and fast, the solo one is darker, with more real-world consequences. The solo is certainly a better story, especially the current arc, but you know what? A good story in an RPG comes second to the players having fun. They're not exclusive in any way, and ideally, we want both- a really compelling story with an enjoyable playing experience. This is a new way of running a game for me, remembering that my characters are super-powered, and can easily do things well outside of what I'm used to allowing, definitely changes my playing style.

Tonight's game is one of the best I've done so far. The story was a little hammy, but the character development it brought out was right in line for the characters. It cleaned up some annoying contrivances and finally got the characters into a team, which is something I've been struggling with. All-in-all, we're all getting the hang of the system, I barely touch the dice (I consider dice a crutch, and focus more on the storytelling than the game aspects- personal preference) and it's something that comes from comfort with the system.

That said, if you've read this far, I've got a treat for you. If you're someone I'll recognize, and someone I'll trust, I'm gonna cut this deal. I'm not all that into piracy, but I'm willing to break some copyright law. I've got a non-DRMed PDF (the format you buy the book in for about $14). If you're interested, I'll shoot you a copy via e-mail. The condition I apply is this- if you like it, and use the book, give them money. Buy your own copy, because I want to make sure they keep putting out games like this one. If I don't think I can trust you to do that, I won't send you a copy. Hint- if i've got you friended, it's a pretty definite exchange. If you've got me friended, and it's a name I recognize, I'll also probably give you a copy. If you're some random poster looking for a freebie, you can go hang.

My email is my

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