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Do you sleep?

I'm cutting down. Sleep is bad for you.

So, the whole depression thing is sorta kinda fading a bit like stuff. Then again, it's random and meaningless stuff anyway. Why? Because I said so.

I'm exploring my motivations to be so anti-intrest group, anti-homo-hetero-bi-sexuality, and all of that stuff. First, you defeat yourself as an individual. You are not gay. You are not black. You are not anything but yourself. I am not a computer science student, I am remy, who also happens to be studying compsci.

Additionally, while removing the individual from the equation, it also creates schisms, because all of them are based on the premise that people are different. You are no different from anyone else.

This sounds contradictory. First, I accuse this attitude of weakening individualism, and at the same time, claim everyone is alike and argue that the worldview common in many minority activity groups destroys community.

So what? They're aren't really contradictory if you think about it.


  1. You are no different from anyone else.
  2. You are unique, and irreproducible.
  3. That which seperates you from others is wrong.
  4. That which hampers your individualism is wrong.

You can unify while being disparate. I swear it.

And I'm kinda getting in that depressed state again. Oy.

Time to go do something artistic.

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