How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Much ado about a sack of shit.

So, Hillary Clinton went from a non-entity in my mind to mildly amusing when she compared Bush to Alfred E. Neuman ("Mad Magazine" folks). The fru-fra surrounding this offhand remark is the funny part, as pop culture references to a magazine that died ten years ago (or longer, depending who you ask, I'm being generous) isn't terribly funny itself.

In the true spirit of "Mad", people are taking this incredibly seriously. People are saying that Clinton is "guilty of insulting the President". Well, if it's going to be such a problem, he shouldn't make himself such an easy target for mockery. And what all of this flap is covering up is the real parallel between the smiling idiot who's face is so memorable, and the character from "Mad". I understand the need for decisive action in an elected official, but once in awhile, supplying a clear rationale based on facts and not rhetoric would be nice. The Pollyanaesque painting of situations, wherin we're "beating back the insurgency" while it's actually cutthroat mercenaries that are beating back Iraqi insurgency with methods that suit their profession- mercenary- does no one any good. Oh sure, it gets that redneckstate bunch all gung ho, but those of us that want some substance voice vocal outcry over the offhand way in which it seems Bush deals with these things.

The other day, I came across an article entitled "Debunking Liberal Myths about Iraq", and it was convincing. It put forward a case for war that should have come from the Whitehouse. Listening to the Whitehouse bunk, I'm still not sure if it was for WMDs, 9/11, or Democracy.

So, is Bush running the country like Mr. Neuman? Well, he certainly acts like it. The Whitehouse sits on information it could use to make a convincing case for the nation, and simply attacks us with confidence, a confidence that seems ill founded.

"What, me worry?"

In other news, the media's collective testicles have finally descended, and they laid into Scott McClellan in a recent press gaggle. Click for your daily dose of doublespeak and empty phrases.

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