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How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

The Future is Last Week

The P2P phenomena bittorrent has been making a different kind of headline the past week or two. In addition to breaking out big box office hits, it's broken out something entirely different- the pilot of "Global Frequency" (technically illegal download). Doesn't seem terribly interesting that P2P could get ahold of something before the network airs it.

But the thing is, the network was never going to air it. "Global Frequency", based off of the fantastic comic book series written by the Warren Ellis was never meant to see the light of day. Like most television pilots, it was dropped, and nothing more was supposed to happen to it.

It's a good show. Very good. Edgy, sci-fi without the glitz and glam that keeps most people away, and strongly steeped in the tradition of the "X-Files" and "The Twiglight Zone", and very, very smart. The key premise, that thousands of people around the globe are connected as part of the "Global Frequency", and that any moment, anyone of them might be called up on their high tech cell phones cum PDAs and given some task that has millions of lives hanging in the balance- just plain, normal people sometimes getting called- it speaks to people.

And boy, has it been speaking. This television pilot, which for all intents and purposes, doesn't exist, has generated a growing fan base. Much like the story behind Serenity, fans are clinging to something that the networks have forgotten.

We're watching things the networks have decided we didn't want to watch. We're proving them wrong, and creating demand on our own, without fancy marketting or millions of dollars worth of advertisments. We are showing that the audience is more than a pile of sheeple looking to take what we're given and pay the Networks for the privlege.

This really isn't "The Future is Last Week"- this is the future happening right now. I'm going to watch this closely, and see how it turns out. Is this going to just evaporate? Is a grass roots network of fans really going to get a show brought back from the dead? Are we going to form our own "Global Frequency", and do what the networks say we can't? We'll find out.

I am going to cautiously reccomend watching the show. Cautiously, because in this case, watching a show that most people who read my journal will like is illegal. If you download this aborted television program, you are breaking the law. Mind you, this program is, at the moment, abandonware. The network doesn't want it, but they own it.

For some information directly from the script writer/executive producer himself, check out his blog. He's been blown away by the response he's getting, and there is going to be a sitdown meeting with some execs after the fourth, and maybe- just maybe, they'll make the exec that canned this commit seppuku for dishonoring his family and his Emperor with his foolishness.

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