How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Right hand, this is left hand. What the FUCK are you doing?

Things went all stupid today at NH. I show up, get my classroom setup (the jerk teaching the night class in that room didn't clean it at all last night, I returned the favor being in a sour mood). I walk in to teach photoshop, photoshop isn't set up on those machines. I start hunting the facilities guy (aka "The Kid") and the Kid is noplace to be found. Track down my boss, and The Kid's stuck in traffic on the Northway due to an accident. But he'll be here in time. We think.

I stumble back to my class, suffering from a dearth of sleep, The contractor who usually teaches Photoshop is sitting there, going, "You're teaching Photoshop? I was supposed to." Sure enough, he's on the schedule. Back to my boss. My boss blames the whole SNAFU on his boss, which is probably an exaggeration. Besides, i don't give a damn who's fault it is. What the hell is going on now? Who's teaching.

Quoth my boss: "I thought contractorboy was doing QuickBooks."
"I don't know QuickBooks. If somebody told me, I could have prepped it, but nobody told me."

Turns out, the only person that knew QuickBooks well was the shit contractor that we stopped dealing with. One of the other full timers could probably bullshit the class, but he's teaching- to one person. It's a tech class that I don't know well, but it's pretty basic. Hell, the Kid could have bullshitted for that one student. But no, they cancel QuickBooks.

Mind you, they've made quite the run on cancelling classes lately. The fact that this week there are more staff in the facility than students is not a good sign. Things get dead around holidays, but this ain't one. People don't cut spending for Memorial Day. And from the looks of the schedule, it doesn't get any better over the next few weeks. I've got nine consecutive days where I'm not teaching in a few weeks. Point- I get $100 for each day I teach. Not teaching is Bad.

Time to finish that MCSD exam and jump on something, because things are going to shit. I don't really want to fun away just yet- perhaps I'll tell them that during that long string of No-Remy-Classes, I'm going off to do some contracting or something. I've got a week PTO saved up- maybe I'll just kick back and finish that album.

BTW- the new icon is shamelessly stolen from grrwoo. Permission not asked. It's just too damn fucking cool.

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