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How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

The Future is Last Week

ClearPlay scored a big win, namely, what they do has been declared legal. What do they do? They sell a DVD content-filtering system that removes explitives and other objectionable content from DVDs. For some braindead reason, the movie lobbies were trying to push this as an illegal derivitave work. Yeah, whatever. If I want to splice my own copy of my own movie, to get rid of the objectionable content (and put all of that objectionable content on my own tape, and hopefully it's some of that racy stuff), that's my business.

What cheesed Hollywood off was that there was now an ancilliary business that they couldn't control. Look, the movie industry owns theaters, dvds, rental places- there are agreements and licenses and all sorts of legal stuff that allows Hollywood to control what is shown, where, and when and how.

ClearPlay, they couldn't control, and can't.

What does this have to do with the Future?

One of the side effects of that law is that anyone can now make movie filters. The owners of Clearplay don't think there'll be a market for non-family-friendly filters. I think they're wrong.

Think about this- a Hollywood movie studio creates a film, but doesn't waste any time editting it, or trimming it down. Instead, they sell this uneditted copy to redistributors that can then create their own set of filters, and sell the complete original with their filter to a consumer. Further, the consumer can start creating their own filters that edit the movie, maybe highlight certain takes, certain scenes, and so forth, and use that to create their own customized version.

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