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How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Due to overwhelming demand?

CherryOs is moving to being open source. Quoth their website:
Due to Overwhelming Demand

Cherry Open Source Project

Launches 5.1.2005

Or, the revised version:
Due to Overwhelming Demand Valid Legal Threats

Cherry Open Source Project

Launches 5.1.2005

Y'see, there's some really solid evidence that CherryOs, a program that emulates a Mac on a PC is actually a rip off of the GPLed project PearPC, with a slick UI and installer, but a core of open source software they were trying to profit from. The good news is they caved, the bad news is this means that the GPL still remains unchallenged, and thereby might not have any legal street cred.


this is the important part of my post

. Remember how you'll be needing a passport to go to Canada in a few months? Check this out. Note the words no judicial review. Laws, with no judicial review violate the seperation of function design pattern known to most as "Seperation of Powers". This is Bad. Don't do that. You'lll be sorry.

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