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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Phone Post

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Phone Post

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run the fuck away
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  • I was going to get stuff this weekend, had plans made and everything, arrangements with people who were willing to help, and obviously it didn't happen. Sorry, can't walk, sprained my ankle and thus can't carry much either.

    Iincidentally, you might want to clean off the tall bookshelf a bit so I can take it as per the agreement.
    • Heh. Bad planning on my part- I can't really get to the bookshelf. Oh, there's a few of my books in easy access I'll pull off, but it's gott a bit of a wall of stuff before it. Your stuff.

      On a side note- in the near future I'm going to have to enlist someone with a truck to get a desk for me- if you'd like, I can get that to also involve getting some of your stuff over to Ali's- your desk, sewing machines, etc. I know alot of it is going to your grandmothers, but you can use your current place as a staging area, making it easier for you to do that last jump.
      • Actually, seeing as there's a basement here, Most of it is staying either there or in the attick, so I don't much care where it gets left. Sooner or later it will end up in Galway as i will be doing so as well, but there's not so much of a rich on that.

        Any idea what's up with the Kingston stuff? I have not been able to enlist my brother for that yet (irresponsible little prat that he is) and would rather like to have it back. And that requires planning with people whose contact information i do not have, in addition to the Nazi.
        • Hello? Response perhaps? Clues as to when trucks will be located? I can walk now without help, but of course now Seo and I are not free at the same times. Because that's always how it happens. So yeah. Umm, let me know? Because the deadline is tomorrow, and I much want my stuff on the side of the road when i really can't get it.
          • The plan has become that I'll get a truck next weekend, since that's when I'm going to pick up my desk, bookshelves, and new table from my student. Since I won't be able to move that stuff in until I get stuff out, the first part of the mission will be to use the truck to get a whole bunch of crap over to your place.

            As for Kingston, at least from my parents house, there's a plan that my dad can get a truck from a friend of his, and cart stuff up. I don't really know what's going on with the stuff in the geek house.
  • Ok, sounds good, just let me know when and I'll make myself available. Currently Friday evening after 5.30 or so is right out due to Bardic workshop (though you're probably working then anyway), but Saturday does not have anything I cannot drop. Shall I try to recruit people to help carry, when there's a better idea of the whens and whatnot?

  • bacon cornmeal scones.
    • Looks like I'll be baking sometime soon...
      • So i had thought. Seeing as you did make quite good scones and all.... And these are, well, perfect for you. And I couldn't think of anyone else who'd love them like you would.
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