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"And I was jumping up and down screaming 'Kill, kill kill!'"

I am going to kick my web design professor in her head, and because of the overbalance from her shnoz (rivalling my own) and the extreme pencil like nature of her neck, it is going to come SHOOTING off and I am going to play soccer with it in the computer lab!

In 55 minutes of class, we spent... 30 looking over class web pages and joking around about what other students had done. We spent about 10 listening to stupid stories. Another five when another proffesor came in to horse around with her.
Quotes from Dr. Egan (soon to be on Quotes-r-us).
"I have control in this. I have a red pen."
- an attempt to assert authority.
Student: "Does your site use tables or frames?" Dr. Egan (long pause): "I don't know, front page does it for me."

Phreakin' stupid people.

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