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Ass Dragon

I'm am dragging myself through the last day this week. This week has been beating the shit out of me.

First off, the courseware I've got... well, I haven't used the book all week. I've been teaching a week long class on J2EE programming from memory, with a healthy bit of making-shit-up to go with. I decided that, since installing the J2EE SDK comes with an app server, I'd use that app server, and I'd get Sun's development studio to use for the actual development process.

Mistake. Holy friggin' crap does that thing suck. I can honestly say I've never used a worse development environment. Aside from the fact that the deployed servlets can't see the EJBs when I lookup by JNDI name- despite the fact that I have the names in the deployment descriptors- the real joy was when the database vanished. Yes, the database literally vanished. Oh, the server was running, but the database it contained was gone. Poof.

At least it makes it clear that the software is shite, and I'm not a moron.

In other news, reason #24435 why I like having money again.

I was at Tandoori Palace on Wedensday night, snagging my self some papadum and vindaloo, all alone. This girl comes in to pick up a delivery order. Looks like a SUNYA or St. Rose student, short, elfin. I don't really pay much attention, but when you're the only person in the restaurant, it's hard not to eavesdrop.

The waiter is on the phone, presumably with the manager. "I've got this girl here, and her credit card was declined. Oh, okay, Miss, do you have checks?" No checks.

Remy to the rescue! "Excuse me," I saunter over, "how much is your bill?"

"Uh... $25- but, no you don't have- oh my god!"

Remy slaps his plastic down. It was so much fun. It's not often you get to do that, just walk over and give someone a hand. And a money oriented favor- who cares? I've got money. Enough to live on, start paying off debts, and buy myself nice things. At some point, I'll even start saving it up. So this, this was nothing, and I enjoyed doing it. I win.

Speaking of winning, Minna landed the job at NH, and starts on he 28th. She's given notice at her old job, is visitting this weekend, and then next weekend I fly down one-way to help her pack and drive up to Albany. She'll be at my place for a few nights until the 1st, wherin she can move into her new apartment, shared with the lovely Angel and Cheryl.

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