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Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

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My Hat!
My shitty hometown is the lead story on Google News. It figures it would take red necks with high powered weapons getting target practice in the mall to put Kingston on the map.

Fortunately, everyone I know (at least close friends) in Kingston are safe. Sean was working, but got out and is currently kibitzing with the swat team, and one of the people I used to work at Trimount with- Abe Markewitz. At any rate, I'll be keeping an eye on this one.
  • Yeah, we heard about this on NPR on the way home from shopping. We had our own...theories...but it's good that everyone's ok :)
  • Haven't heard from my bro at all yet. He might have been working at Target today. My moms more pissed at him than freaked though.
    • Don't worry, Target was smart. The moment they heard gun shots, and closed down the front gates, and took everyone into the stock room. So anyone in Target was completely safe, yet frightened.

      My sister's friend works there and we were getting live feed from her cell.
  • I'm kind of amused that Fox automatically jumped the injury toll to 3-10 when by official press release only one person was even shot.

    People who know assault rifles ... would a shot to the leg really require a medivac to Albany med? I would assume so but ....
    • With an AK-47? Hell yes, especially if an artery was hit.
      • Yeah- it's like putting a chunk of your leg in a blender- and there's some serious blood vessels in there.
  • Have we accounted for Mceabein?
    • hes fine he was in friendlys when it happened and was kept safe by the nice people there . the guys i work with at dicks took down the gunmen as far as some comments in the journal ill ignore . try actually being there and have the gun pointed in your dirsection before you can say your sick of hearing about it . i hope you never have to go through something like that but dont bitch until you have had the gun aimed at you .......
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