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Six reasons to believe in god.

Let's see here, shall we?
1) Every world culture has had a diety.

Hardly evidence of a god. Huge swaths of people fall for the Nigerian scam too.

2) Great watchmaker- everything is too perfect.

This argument is older than dirt itself, and possibly older than god, if there is one. But, if the Universe is of any scale, then odds are, after some point, we'll find a planet like Earth. Further, this case the conclusion proves the premise- Earth is perfect for Human life, which doesn't denote a creator- it proves that life evolved to adapt to its conditions.

3) Great watchmaker- it can't be by chance.

Again, old news. But instead of taking the argument from chance, lets instead look at it this way. The nature of the Universe has certain rules (or at least good suggestions). We learn these rules by looking at thier effects- so to say that the effect is too complicated to be by chance does not require a creator- it simply requires physics. One could then say, that the creator created physics, but really- there's nothing to say that the physics needs an author.

4) Humans are moral, and biology can't account for that.

Self-interest can. The only culturally universal rights/wrongs stem from the empowered section of society doing everything they can to keep that power. Hence, people who have food will condemn those that would steal that food. Beyond that, cultural morals, like the concept of self-sacrifice- are that, cultural. Self-interest goes beyond personal self-interest to species level self-interest. A parent protects their children, to the point of death, for the sake of the species.

5) There's historical evidence for the bible.

And so? All that proves is the bible's value as a historical record.

6) Jesus said so.


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