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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits


How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

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My Hat!
I've been in a wonderful mood lately. Even sitting on a 9 hour bus ride that got me to my hotel at 230 when I have to be up in a few hours (I slept most of the bus ride) can't dampen my spirits. Why?

Because I have friends, good friends, friends I like seeing and spending time with. Do you know, that I haven't seen anyone I didn't particularly like since sometime before December? Not counting work of course- I'm talking socially. I haven't been in one of those situations where, to see a handful of friends, I surround myself with people I don't like, and who don't like me.

It feels good not to deal with that. Oh, I'll probably descend on Denny's at some point, just to put in a smile and a funky hat with all those people that have been adding to the list of Remy's sins. Actually, that's not true. I have no interest in that, whatsoever. I'll see some of them at SCA events I imagine. But what it really boils down to is: "I don't care".

The drama that I've been catching second hand amuses me. That all of these people can be so upset with me, but so many of them- not all- but so many, were people that I didn't particularly care for anyway. People that I do care about, I've been seeing more and more often, hindered only by the frigging business trips I've been on all the smegging time. But that's about to end. So, we're looking at lots of fun socialization with cool people, and no dealings with people that are friends of cool people, but not terribly much fun. Maybe a trip to KTown is in order- maybe when Minna is moved up- they all need to meet her anyway.

No matter what, I must say: "It sounds like fun."
  • Minna rocks. 'nuff said.
    • You and Angel rock too! ^__^

      Thanks again for lasagne and Office Space/Firefly! Sorry I ducked out so early- but at least I kicked my fever's ass, and was just fine all day today. =)

      Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon!

  • Yeah jerky, no more trips, heh. Sorry we missed you yesterday.
    • I wish I could have been there. But hey, I'm back Friday night and will be back to stay for the near future. It looks like, at the earliest, I might have another trip in mid-march.
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