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Macintosh turns 21 today. When I get back to Albany, we should take Gwynydd out for a drink.

In other news- back when I was young, I had a favorite TV show. "Square One", which ran on PBS, and was basically an educational math show, with the best ending- the last fifteen minutes of every episode were dedicated to MathNet, a Dragnet parody where math solved crimes.

Apparently, people remember this. numb3rs is an occasionally cheesy slightly documentary crime scene investigation type show- but it's mathematics that catch the bad guys. It's not really that informative, aside from glib descriptions of the theory behind it, and really, I just like the fact that it's a show where math saves the day. In the pilot our math geek pinpoints the location of a serial rapist by plotting the relationships between the locations of his previous attacks. It's kinda cool.

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