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As a note, miusheri, that cute girl Remy's been hanging out with alot, will be in town this weekend. Go her, what with her test teach at NH and all that cool shit. Much hanging out shall be had, and she'll be my date to the company party. How sexy is that? I think it's sexy. And yes, the bossbeasts know she's coming, and they're cool with it. Go fig.

Anyway, aside from a block of Saturday, we're definitely looking for people to hang out with. Jameseseses is coming up Friday night, Elizabeth said she was coming up Saturday (and is going to help Minna get herself all sexx0red for coming to the dinner while I'm at the meeting that preceeds it). Keep in mind, I'll have to be at the meeting from 1:00-5:30 without Minna, so's I'm looking for people to keep her occupied till 5:30, when she can join me and stuff.

Okay, I admit, this isn't as much fun as that kid named after Yahoo!, but it's a bit more useful.

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