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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

We shall overcome

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

We shall overcome

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run the fuck away
The number one thing that bothers me about most "multicultural alliances" , be it gay, black, red, orange, asian or islamic, is the attitude that they are somehow... different. For some reason it really snaggles me with homosexual activist groups, but then again, they're currently the most openly vocal. Because of my sexual orientation, because of my race, because of my religion, because of my heritage... I'm different. It bothers me, because it is an assault upon the individual. People cease to identify with themselves, and become part of a "minority group." And that grates on me soooo badly. It's like chewing tinfoil. And while it's meant to attack attitudes against a particular group, in reinforces the idea that people COME in groups. Like we're a bunch of people with certain slots to go into. I have no race- I was adopted. I don't know my historical background, and unless I can get some native american scholarship money... I don't care. Sure, my adopted parents were Italian and Jewish, but I really never delved into either culture. I have no sexual preference. People are people, regardless if they dangle or bounce. (Though, my tastes do tend towards girls, mostly because of smell and bone structure.) I have no religion, except the one I crafted for myself. Well, I guess then, I'm a minority of one. The more rapidly information flows, the quicker culture will die When you have all the information you could ever want at your command, then what your parents taught you is meaningless. What gains meaning is the pesonal culture you define based upon the information you intake. In otherwords- we will achieve a TRUE multiculturalism... a world where each individual has thier own culture.
  • I'm actually pretty glad the information and teachings my parents give me can be varified from other sources. My parents are living in 95 tech wise, and 70's socially wise. Too much damn Saturday Night Fever for them! Curse Travolta! Okay, feeling better...

    I understand why activist groups exist. I've seen victims of gay bashing, and it's NOT pretty. I've seen a Muslim girl my sister's age have "Arab Whore" written on her locker. Well, not me, Tori did and came home in tears about the hate in the world. (The girl and Tori are close friends.) We forget, but the North East is pretty damn progressive. And even I've faced sexual descrimination. So I understand why groups want people to educated about thier cultural group, becuase face it, most of the world still thinks like high school, with cliques and all. And you know how high school is... people might not give you a second glance becuase you're with the jocks, or the geeks...

    However, yes, some can be accused of taking things too far. I think some of the homosexual groups actually make people tune out. (Dykes on bikes? Sure thing.) And that's sad, becuase there is still alot of anger or something towards gays. (Proof: After a horrible thing happens, Fallwell blames homosexuals and women that came up with the wild idea that they were equal...)

    I'm a minority in a minority in a minority. Of course I'm pissed.
    • I hold the position that it would be healthier and more effective to simply create a meme that denies the existance of minorities. People just have to stop trying to collect people into categories, it's that simple.

      The first step in this would be the activists stopping to consider themselves whatever they are. The activists are never gay, women, black, etc. they are people.
      • Re:

        I completely agree... I should be judged as person.

        However, I am a horrible pragmatist. I see things as they are, not how they should be. And right now, we do need groups to defend the rights of those who could be classified as a minority by those who seek to make the world vanilla.
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