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How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

This is better

I've departed Pittsburgh and have reached Harrisburg, and am currently sitting in my hotel room, enjoying the complimentary wireless internet. Unlike my last time in HBrg, the hotel is _nice_, there's a restaurant attatched, and it's a little more than a mile from the NH center where I'll be all week. Signifigant improvement over my previous accomodations in HBrg.

Now, being in HBrg, while better than the last time, is a signifigant drop from my stay in Pittsburgh, which was unconscionable amounts of fun. From a little trip to Dave and Busters with Minna and her sister, to watching godawful amounts of Star Trek (TOS) and drinking champange with Mountain Dew and Pixy Stix in it for New Year's- it was an incredible time. Love every minute of it.

Which I guess I should probably tack on a few points about where Minna and I are at- I've been trying to do this very slowly, for several reasons I'll enumerate.
  • I really _like_ Minna. In general, when I like someone, I dive in headfirst and end up living together or something similar within a few days of getting together. Now, distance helps with this, but I don't want to fuck things up by rushing.
  • I didn't leave Cate for Minna, and I don't want anyone to get that impression- so trying to space things out helps there.
  • Speaking of spacing things out, my lovelife is not a revolving door. I don't want to be jumping from one person to another.

That said, Minna and I are definitely more than "just friends". For the time being, I'm just gonna leave it at that. She wants out of Pittsburgh for a variety of reasons, and the best bet looks like Albany- in part because she wants to move someplace where she knows people- and I'm committing myself to making sure she has friends above and beyond being Remy's "appendage". And other similar things. We'll see what happens.

In other news, her family thinks I'm great, which is always a nice ego boost. They seem like good folk, even if her sister adores coutry music and tends to date members of country bands- she's still fun to hang out with, so I won't fault her that.

Make up a conclusion for this post yourself. I just had a six hour train ride, and I'm pooched.

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