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wow... I'm in a twiggy mood. Really silly... Why is that? My professor never recieved my take home test, but I don't think he's going to think I'm trying to cheat. Because I'm not... I had it done and sent out well before the deadline. But hey, this is the same prof where I carried the class discussion today without knowing the material. See, it's times like these that I realize... "Wait, I CAN do neet shit!" I most of the time forget that, or disparage my achievements. Part of it is my artistic perfectionism, not that I am a perfectionist, but like all artists, my work is always shit. It's funny, lots of people joke about my ego being huge, etc, but it's not really. I spend an inordinate amount of time down on myself, hating myself, etc. Not recently mind you, but still. The other part of what grabs them I think is what I prefer to think of as confidance- unless proved otherwise, I assume that I can handle any given situation. Why? Because it's better than going into it with a loosing attitude. Egotistical? ::grin:: Flamboyant. But not like Andy's Toreador vampire is "flamboyant".

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