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For my fellow Holiday Survivors

Welp, we've done it. We've all survived the holidays. At least, I think we have, I've been fairly incommunicado this weekend, so please let me know if you've died or something. I'll send flowers.

At any rate, visiting with my family was disturbingly pleasant, and I actually enjoyed it. I think health problems are a big part of it. See, my Dad's been suffering from really bad reflux- so bad in fact, that it completely destroyed part of his esophagus, and his body counteracted by growing small-intestine cells there. Now, as you might imagine, growing cells from another organ is considered _bad_, and this is a precancerous condition. I've never seen my father happier. "I've been living like I'm twenty-two, and I'm fifty-two. I can't live like that anymore."

I raided my sister's CD collection and grabbed some stuff for MP3s, there was a punk sampler album with some cool bands on it, and in my soft spot for emo there was room for a Jimmy Eats World album too. It was funny though, going through my sister's CDs, saying, "Oh, that's cool, this one's good, Laura-Beth! Ashlee Simpson? How could you?" "It was a phase."

When she's a bit older I think I'm going to drag her up here and inflict her on people- my sister has a personality now! It's kinda creepy and weird, but rather cool.

In other news, I decided to break out XCode, the OSX developer tool and poke around a little bit trying to learn Cocoa, the graphical API for OSX and HOLEE CARP (that was intentional- I've decided to replace crap with carp)! The interface builder kicks ass. I just built a web browser without writing a single line of code. It allows you to connect controls so when someone uses a control, it automatically calls a method of some other control. Beeutiful.

Alright, I'm gonna defrag for a bit, then I'll probably break out my new vacuum and attack the carpets and generally straighten up a bit so that when I'm gone for _two weeks_ it doesn't end up too bad.

Tuesday: Pittsburg. Sunday after: Harrisburg. Next: THE WORLD!!!!

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