How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy


Okay, so I said to many people, deliriumcrow included, that I would shoot her some money until she was on her feet- I'm not about to let her starve or anything.

So, the last time we actually talked, she says, "You have to give me money." Just like that. I check my account balance, and can spare $100, and I give it to her. "I'm going to need more later."

Today, manycolored IMs me- "Cate took $20 from me, and said you would pay me back. And that she needs more money."

Okay, it's not about the money. It's not even about Cate not wanting to talk to me, but just assuming that I'm required to serve as her bankroll- that she can take _other_ people's money and leave me to handle her debt, is downright rude. Little Miss Manners has, by all accounts, lately been as uncooth as they come. Yesyes, she's miserable, I'm a horrible person, blahblahblah.

You know what? I don't care. When i do something nice for people, it's not because I want them to thank me or feel indebted to me or whatever. But a little recognition that, "Hey, that's nice, you didn't have to do that," is something. To be relegated to somebody's wallet is insulting. Oh, I'll keep shooting her money, but stuff like this- well, it narrows the timespan I'm going to be willing to do this over.

If Cate doesn't want to talk to me, but needs money, she can politely make arrangements with my friends, and not just skank their cash and assume I'll be there to pick up the tab. Because one day, I won't be.

Vleg. That's vented. Now, another topic- someone mentioned something about going and doing something tonight. The words "Club" were mentioned. Or was that tomorrow? I don't care, I want to do something tonight. I'm not even terribly concerned with what it is, but I don't have to be up at any particular hour, and have most of a case of Manhattan Specials, so I'm up for a late night of rowdiness. Let me know what's what- if there aren't plans already, let's go make some. If you're in the Albany area and reading this, you should already have my cell number- if not, I'll keep myself on IM.

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