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How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Blarg and other such things

There were two packs of cigarettes that I bought. Last night, I finished the first one- but no fear, the other was in my trench coat- but alas, it was not. Where on earth might it have gone? I knoweth not, but merely wish it godspeed as it flies into whatever abyss it travels. Of course, this means no smoky treats for Remy at work today, which is probably good, as I have been coughing a great deal lately.

I had company over yesterday. _Twice_. This is something that has been prevented due to the horrible state of my living space, and while it's horrible now, it's not _frightening_ anymore. I ordered some chinese food, and lo and behold, who should be walking past my place when I went out to pay but [Bad username: deathslittlesister] and her roomate Cheryl (who probably has an LJ). We chatted a bit in the freezing cold, but since I didn't have a coat, we moved up the stairs to my apartment, where I gifted them with Manhattan Specials. A little while after they left, Sarah and Dennis stopped by, and hung out for awhile. We had ice cream and chatted.

I've managed to get the front corner of the living room almost situated, and started putting Cate's stuff in boxes. It's dissapointing to see the amount of stuff that's been torn, broken, or otherwise ruined because it was dropped in a corner someplace and forgotten.

A little later I'll hit y'all with the story I slapped together last night.

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