How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
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So, as I was taking the garbage out, I realized maybe I've been a bit too enthusiastic at the prospect of getting Cate's stuff out. It makes it sound like I'm trying to toss her and her piles of half-finished projects, sewing machines, and collected deritrus to the curb without ceremony. This isn't the case- right now, really, it all is an attempt to claim my space. I've never had a my space before. Unless you count Sarah and Dennis' closet when I first moved to Albany- that's the most "my space" I've ever had. So I'm overcome with the novelty of "MINE!"

While I'm on the topic of Cate related stuff, let's throw that infamous Minna quotient in there. For those of you that have been following my misadventures for some time, you're probably saying to yourself, "Hmmm. Remy breaks up with a sigoth, and there's another girl around, obviously, Remy has repeated himself, and left his sigoth for this other girl." Unfortunately, I have learned from my mistakes, and I'm sorry to dissapoint. I did not leave Cate to go running off with Minna. As it stands now, Minna and I are terribly good friends, and she's seriously looking at moving to Albany (NH is looking to get me a sidekick, and I'm thinking of tapping her for the position (they want someone to fill in as Junior Programming Instructor when I get my .NET certs and move on to Senior)). Now, this is the point where I might swear up and down that nothing would ever happen between Me and Minna, but I'd be lying. Something might- I'm not going to hold my breath, or count on it, or really even plan for it. But she _is_ a good friend, and there may or may not be potential for more- however, that's in the future, and in the Now- she's a friend, she'll always be a friend, and had nothing to do with my decision to leave Cate.

The fact that I feel better and more engaged with life than I have in years has _everything_ to do with my decsion.

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