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Good Weekend

This was a really good weekend. As I said, miusheri showed up from Pittsburg, and much fun was had by all. We spent most of it wandering around the Lark Street area, or around Washington Park, and it reminds her of her favorite part of Pittsburg (Squirrel Hill)- and she's pretty much decided that if she finds a job out this way, she's moving to Albany, hopefully in this neighborhood.

We hung out with Sarah, Dennis and Jeremy one night this weekend, and that too was fun. And we also hung out with Ellie- again, much fun. I haven't seen ellie in _ages_, so it was much fun to hang out with her. That was great- in some ways, it felt like High School again- the three of us just had that chemistry of friends that have known each other for years- which is true for me and Ellie, but we've both only known Minna for a few months, and mostly online. But we clicked into this power trio, and it was much fun hanging out.

The cats loved Minna- even Sephie diegned to be pet by her, though that took a little while.

And because Minna rocks, we took some time Saturday and cleaned a bit- attacking the bedroom, which was an adventure- but the exposed floor is vacuumed and not revolting anymore- hell, there _is_ exposed floor area now. I'm not going to clean any more today- I need a break. But it's really starting to shape up and look pretty decent around here. I approve wholeheartedly.

In closing, let's hit you with a few really romantic songs by Jonathan Coulton:
A Laptop Like You

And this one, which I'm going to have played if/when I ever _do_ have a wedding: Skullcrusher Mountain.

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