How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Morning Musings

The world has been wrapped in a white shroud, folds sucked into crevices by the attraction and weight of gravity. Each tree stands out against it, a skeletal finger making a last gasp against the shroud, against a premature burial.

I don't like cleaning, which is why I'm enoying it. I know, this seems like it makes no sense, so let me explain. You see, I believe that it is important to recognize that the unpleasant things in life are a part of life- if you're going to be _alive_, you need to accept them as readily as you accept the pleasant things. Not because they provide contrast- I hate it when people say that you need the bad to help you appreciate the good. The "bad" things in life are not servants of the "good" things- they exist, in and of themselves, to serve their own ends, and this is something that we should accept and enjoy.

I've never been good, or fond, of the mundane necesities of life, those things that you just have to do because their part of living- cleaning, cooking, etc- and it's times like this, when I'm off on my own, that I discover the joy in them.

After work today, I go to the airport to meet Minna- I'm rather excited, as I get to show her around Albany and get her hooked on the city- moving yet another cool person into town. On that note, I heard my friend Sam got into Saint Rose, and he's now looking for a place in my neighborhood- this weekend I'm going to go For-Rent hunting with Minna to help get him (and it sounds like Sean) up here too.

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