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I'm a weenie. Remember how I mentioned the cat crap in the shower? Well, I opted to skip showering and instead let it sit- because well, I get ill at the thought of cleaning such thing. Literally ill- watching it squish around makes me retch and occasionally vomit (actually, yesterday I did give it a shot and _did_ swallow back down some vomit).

But today, I went back, armed with bleach, rubber gloves and a squeegie and got that cleaned up. I only gagged like five times. _I'm_ certainly proud of myself. While I was at it, I cleaned the tub, which was in dire need of it- it's still kinda purple from the dye Cate used in it, but it's clean.

Meanwhile, I ordered a pizza for dinner, and had to fight the cats off. They _adore_ pizza- they yoinked a slice from an old box awhile back and have had a hard on for it ever since. Rochester was busy trying to figure out how to open the box fast enough that I couldn't close it on him before he got his fix.

In crap news, Tas is in Salinas California this week, meaning that yours truly will be dragging his ass to the bus all week. Joy fucking joy.

At any rate, litter is changed, rent is paid, bathtub is clean, I'm studied up for the next three days of class and I am fed. I'll do a little more garbage collecting tonight, but damned if I don't feel accomplished.

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