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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Cleaning Update

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Cleaning Update

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Rippy the Razor
The living room has hereby been promoted to a pigsty. There is a clear walking path from the kitchen to the front door, though since I don't know what to do with Cate's stuff, I'm simply piling it up for now- which really is just adding to the extant piles. But there are two big bags of garbage.

The litterbox has been changed, but apparently, the cats (who _still_ have worms- will make vet appointment tomorrow- manycolored can I tap you for a ride in your spanking new car? I'll swaddle the cats in towels to prevent ruining it) also decided to use the bathtub- which means there are big piles of liquid cat crap in the bathtub. Which further means I need to clean it- of course, cleaning up crap, especially _liquid_ crap, gets my gorge up and makes me puke. It's my fucking kryptonite.

The kitchen has been marginally straightened- more cosmetic than anything else, and I haven't started on the bedroom. Tomorrow I'll finish off the living room in terms of garbage collection, and I'll get the bedroom- smaller, so theoretically easier, but being where we spent most of our time, fuller of crap.
  • Eh, if the cats have gone poo in the tub, that makes it easier to clean up. Especially if it's of the liquid variety. Just turn the shower on as high and as hot as it can go, and let water and soap do their thing.

    Beats cleaning up liquid cat poo on carpeting.
    • I used to try approaching it with that philosophy- unfortunately, there's enough solidity to the poo (especially when it's been sitting for a day or two while I was pingponging between major cities) that it still needs to be scooped up.
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