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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Home again home again

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Home again home again

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run the fuck away
I've returned from my wanderings. Ended up passing through several places on my little wandejar and had a fantastic amount of fun. And that's all I'll say about that for now- a Remy's gotta have his little secrets after all.

Work's gonna suck this week- I'm supposed to be teaching a five-day .NET class, however, a major client has been trying to get a custom class run for months, and if it doesn't run this week they're going elsewhere. Which means my 5-day class gets compressed to four and I spend friday appeasing an angry client. Whoo me.

In other news, according to Jeremy, who took care of the cats this weekend, my apartment falls in the category of criminally negligent and is currently violating fire and health codes. Something about not having the energy to clean since you've moved in does that. This week's project is going to be to get it habitable (to that end, I'm going to be running around with some garbage bags tonight and tomorrow, seeing as Tuesday morning is garbage pickup). Jeremy, the Navy trained cleaning machine is already organizing a cleaning party to help out this weekend ('cause he's awesome)- which I'll have an extra bit of manpower up this weekend- the awesome miusheri is flying in to visit earlier than February to kinda scope the area out- now that she and Nick are seperated, she's starting to look at moving a bit more seriously, and kinda wants to scope the place out. So that should be pretty damn sweet. Seeing her again should be a great deal of fun.

That's the outlook for the immediate future. I'm feeling good- though, I have to be honest, now that I'm kinda capable of looking around, being in the apartment is a bit of a bummer because it _is_ such a shithole. A temporary problem, and one that's soluble with a bit of labor. Heh, soluble- an apt description of what needs to be done in so many places- I'm going to be buying stock in Clorox this week methinks.

So I'm going to have another cigarette (I didn't bring any with me on my trips, and while I picked some up Saturday, I didn't really miss them) and run off to be all domestic. Tonight and tomorrow is garbage. Tomorrow and the next day will be scrubbing related activities, then copious straightening so that a vacuum and a steam cleaner can be brought in for the carpets. I'm gonna be talking to people to see if we can't do the steam cleaner thing during the week so that the floor is habitable when I have company this weekend.

As a parting shot, have the intro to a story that occured to me on the way home- it'll be about a guy who ends up in a country band covering death-metal and goth songs.
"Sir, I'm with the Transportation Security Authority" The suited man geustered at the nametag marked with government logos.

Joey was sitting in an uncomfortable plastic chair- the discomfort made worse by the fact that his arms were handcuffed behind his back. Harsh flourescents pounded at his overripe eyeballs, and the uncounted shots of Wild Turkey the night before (101 proof, 101 shots was the goal- he clearly remembered the tenth) churned in his stomach.

"We take threats very seriously, so please tell me again what it is you said on the plane?"

Joey sighed, then snickered. He looked up, doing his best imitation of abject terror and stuttered out, "There's something. On. The wing!"

Hmm- cleaning has been postponed due to a lapfull of kitten. They've been lonely, so this is a worthy distraction.
  • green :)
  • My paper gets handed in at 2:30 on Thursday. After that, I am so very available to help clean the apartment.

    You really shouldn't use Chlorox or Lysol around the kitties - it can cause seizures. The other stuff is just as effective and not as likely to make the helpers wheeze and bitch about their watering eyes.

    Orange derived cleaning sprays and paper towels for grease and scum. Hannaford has the best variety of this in their "natural" section. Not toxic to the kitties and works better than lysol or chlorox sprays anyway. Use vinegar to disinfect.
    Bon Ami and green scrubbies for scouring. The least toxic scouring powder, and also the only one that won't harm the surface of a counter or stainless steel sink.
    Spic&Span, bucket, and rags (cut up towels are good). Mildly toxic, but Method doesn't even come close to its power.
    Thick, gooey toilet bowl cleaner and toilet brush. Who cares if it's toxic? It just goes into... the water supply... Never mind. If that kind of thing bothers you, use the Bon Ami and some elbow grease.
    Heavy rubber gloves, lawn and leaf bags, good broom
    and dustpan, etc.
    Baking soda to scour things and get rid of stinks.

    I will bring my carpet cleaner and vacuum when you have a floor again.

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