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Thoughts on t3knomancy

t3knomancy is, at its core, a tradition steeped in alchemy, not in that practitioners have any interest in turning base metals to pure ones in any physical sense, but in that, like the alchemists before us, see this transmutation as symbolic of the changes that we work within ourselves.

There's no prescribed value system- there's no systematic way of saying, "This change is to be favored over some other change," that is left to the individual practitioner. But a technomancer seeks less to work gross changes in the physical world, which may or may not exist, and instead use the metaphors, symbology, and computational tools of t3knomancy to change themselves- and through that change the world, at least for them.

Look at it this way, you have one point of reference to the world- and if you change that point of reference, your experience of the world will change to reflect that. Through the use of viral concepts, we can attempt to pass that change to others, thereby creating around us the world that we wish to see.

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