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What's for Dinner?

Ahhh... relaxes.

It is passing along swimmingly. Yum yum yum, watch remy eat a book.
Anywho, lunch was an odd proposition today. See, three table nine alums, myself, Andrea, and Missi, all took an opportunity to sit- at completely different tables- right next to each other. Andrea was with some Theater people at a crowded table, and being that Andy and I knew a good portion of them, we joined Rob at the table directly next to them. Behind Andrea and myself sat Missi, looking dour with a bunch of siena girls. Those Siena girls left first, and unless I'm mistaken, Missi finished her meal by turning her back to us.


Anywho, so, I was jamming along, and am now, for reasons that I won't explain, constructing a belief engine... a mystical device extended on multipule levels to produce the construction of belief.
I've got some interesting ideas to accomplish this feat... and no, I'm not insane.

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