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Full Time

Will pulled me aside after class today. They want me on full time, and they're ready to offer something in the range of 40k-45k depending on the way bonus fall out (I won't be salary- it's an hourly wage + loads of bonuses).

I'm of course ambivalent about this, and still have every intention of finding a halfway decent job that doesn't make me want to hang myself. So I'm probably going to say yes, but keep shipping my resume around (it needs some work). It's a steady gig, and some benefits for awhile.

Meanwhile, a friend-of-a-friend emails me with a programming project he'd like done. I don't quite get what they're looking for yet- it's some 3d simulation for mapping 4d objects or somesuch- if nothing else it's an interesting project, and something that I might be able to steal code from in a later project (that's the pay, the code I write). I've talked to miusheri and she's game to pitch in, and I'm gonna see if anyone else programmery wants to hop in. Which, if any of you want in, let me know.

In other news beware the elephants.

My brain is tired. I stop writing now.

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