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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

What The Crap #9,364 - New Horizons Albany b0rks again

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

What The Crap #9,364 - New Horizons Albany b0rks again

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johnny cash
So, I found out what that meeting was. I wasn't in trouble, which is what I was worried about- Wil was being all unhappy sounding about it, and it had me kinda worried. But he was unhappy because he was firing Christopher. The Ops Manager who took really good care of the instructors. I always had good dealings with him, but he apparently didn't "fit in with their long term goals for the center".

This worries me, because Christopher was the bit of stability there when everything was getting all b0rked during the changeover. I knew that he would always be there to help make sure I got courseware and paid and whatever else it was I needed to make my class run.

That said, I think it's actually good for Christopher that this happened- NH was really wearing him out. Christopher wouldn't leave a job half done, and that meant that he was doing far more work than he should. He'd be there at godawful early hours and stay really late. He'd be there on the weekends- back when Couvares ran the place, he was coming in and painting the place on weekends. This makes him an awesome person, but its better for him to not have to deal with that.

Unfortunately, this means that there's no management that's left over from the old guard, making the whole thing kinda questionable. I find myself worried as to what's going to happen there now, and considering that place is my bread and butter, this has some serious ramifications. That said, I'll be dusting off that resume and shipping it off. The Office For Technology with the State needs Java developers on a long-term contract basis, and they're within walking distance of my house and have a humane start time- 9:00 (as opposed to 7:30).
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