How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Bloggers are the "parasite replacing the dog"

Some bloggers have, rather hopefully and presumptuously been claiming that they're going to replace mainstream journalism. Probably, but certainly not yet. And an experienced journalist points this out. However, as a blogger, I have a reply.

I'm sorry we're not up to your standards of journalism out here in the intarweb. You'll just have to pardon us- we're new at this, in fact, this is new at this. So yeah, we make mistakes like holding up incomplete data as information to be used. And yet, our readership is growing, the ranks of bloggers are growing, and, why is that?

Because, despite our flaws, we bring something new. We're not journalists, we're bloggers- and it's that difference that makes us a threat to the media hegemony. We're uncontrolled, unregulated, and willing to go running off half cocked because we haven't yet developed the same tyranny of reputation and respectability that plagues modern journalism.

Every once in awhile, we score a big win- like when the blogs took your network to task over your own shoddy "journalism". Other times, we get egg on our face and get smoked on stupid shit. Sometimes, we end up as a joke in the Wall Street Journal (there's this hilarious thread on mystical election tampering over in the pagan community- the sick thing is, I'm the voice of reason! What's with that?)

So really, all I'm saying, is bear with us. It's the fact that we're _not_ professionals that lends something new and more interesting to our work. There's this interconnectivity and this rapid flow of information that turns even simple things into Internet phenoms. We're struggling to find the boundaries of this new form of communication and the best ways to use it.

We'll knock you off your perch- I don't doubt that it will happen. I'd rather hear the news from a well educated friend than a talking head any day.

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