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Dum duh dah dah...

That was the musical intro to Valentine by the Get up Kids. I've gotta learn to play the guitar intro on my violin, for our Siena based protoband. Not to be confused with the protoband involving Greg.

And the absolute best LJ client? the JLJ perl scrpit that you can get off the download page. I love console based apps.

Today I'm having a flashbackish sorta thing. When I was in High School, the freaks (more widely known as "goths". For some reason the term goth didn't catch on in K-town till after I gradiated), or more accurately, a common style among the freaks was to wear a baggy sweatshirt and cut a thumb hole just above the cuffs on the sleeves, and where the sleeves over thier hands and thier thumbs jutted out the hole. Today, I modified a shirt that way, but it's a calvin klien (don't ask me how I got it, I don't know) thermal underwear shirt and it's tan, not black, so it doesn't look in the least goth... it DOES look comfy, because it is, and it looks distinctly remy.

yea remy.

I like my name with no caps. It looks prettier.

remy. Remy. rEmy (ohhh... kinda chaotey/hackerish), reMy, remY.

No, I definitely like remy the best.

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