How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

In which the Remy takes care of his students

I've got three students this week for Oracle. One is a needy sort of student- the kinda that wants everything a certain way. As one of the sales guys explained his interactions with her, she screams at him about how horrible everything is, then says, "Hey, how much is the new course package? Great, sign me up." The second is a fairly experienced DBA that's been muddling through without any formal knowledge. And the third is a little old lady that hasn't used a computer since she retired from GE twenty years ago.

This sounds like a recipe for disaster, one who can't be pleased, one who knows what's going on, and one who's so clueless that the very experience of having two programs open in seperate windows is enough to blow her mind. But we've been having loads of fun anyway, and there's only been one consistant complaint from my students.

They want more time between classes- after this week's class, they get a week back at work, then are in for another class. They've all got projects running that demand thier attention at work (aside from student number three) and want some time to digest the material. So I mentioned it to Christopher, and they're going to push back the entire track.

So, my students win. NH wins, because this gives them more time to sell seats in those other classes, and I win, because it puts some of my income into the next tax year, and by then, I'll have registered myself as a DBA (doing business as, not Database Administrator), and be able to get a sweet tax break on things like rent and computer supplies.

I could register as a DBA now, but it's so close to the end of the year, I'm in no rush. So long as I am by January, I'll be happy.

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