How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy


Kerry you fucking bastard. Minutes after (or perhaps before) I make my post predicting what's going to happen for the next few weeks, you run off and concede. Dill hole. Making me look like an ass infront of the entire Intarweb.

Hey, Taufell, you owe me $5. At least something good comes out of this.

Now, to all those of you that are wailing and gnashing your teeth, let me tell you a story. Or really, just rattle off a list.

Spanish American War. Vietnam. Korea. War of 1812.

Shit ass wars that reall served no good purpose, except to attempt to expand the American Empire. You think this is new? You think, just because we get a few moderate-to-liberal Presidents, that this nation does not have a consistant history of doing that?

Talk about civil liberties? McCarthy anyone? The entire Cold War?

Bush isn't anything more than a bump in the road. And he'll be gone in four more years, and then we'll get another moron who'll do something different.

Or, there will be an armed insurrection. This term, I saw a great many dangerous trends in domestic policy- as for foreign policy, seeing as I'm an isolationist, I'm not going to be happy with anyone's foreign policy. But it's domestic policy that's going to get me inflammed, civil liberties, economy, etc. Unfortunately, on ecomony, Bush'll have to really fuck up things- we're hitting the upswing in the cycle- in order to lead to an honest to goodness revolt.

See, it's not really Bush specifically that's my problem. It's the shit ass system he sits on top of. Bush isn't the enemy- the system that created the power structure that makes policies like Bush's desireable is the problem.

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