How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

And my side loses...

Despite the lack of an Ohio full report (not due for 11 days, just an FYI), it's already clear that the best candidate has lost, without a single electoral vote to his name. I imagine Badnarik is dissapointed by this, but not one of us is surprised.

With an entire nation full of Republicans and Democrats, those stinking mainstreamers, manipulating elections, using crappy voting machines, it's clear that the real voice of the people won't be heard- and we all know that the majority voted for Badnarik.

This is what I tell myself.

Actually, I'm amused with this whole thing. For the months leading up to it, the best anyone could predict was, "We have no fucking clue," and now that the night has passed, there's just as many people with no fucking clue.

Kerry needs 100K+ votes in Ohio to win. There are 250K- votes outstanding- provisional ballots for which there is no procedure in Ohio to count, or validate. They don't intend to start counting them for 11 days. Now, it's statistically very unlikely that Kerry can wring the needed votes out of that uncounted lot. Not impossible, but unlikely.

Then again, Kerry doesn't need to get enough votes to win. There are, on both sides, massive Lawyer Hordes, painted in wode, brandishing their swords, and ready to charge in to battle. All Kerry needs to do is get close enough that he can sic his lawyers on all of the instances of voter fraud in that state.

So, in fact, I hope that Kerry _doesn't_ get enough votes to do that, which I am sure he will do. I'd rather have a clear Bush win then Kerry brought to us by lawyers. Otherwise, Kerry will be plagued by the same legitimacy questions that Bush is- and the only thing worse than a shitty president (which is what we get in either case) is a shitty president with no legitimacy.

Like everything else over the past few months, this election day ended in a whimper- and will be drawn out and dragged through the coals until we're right sick of it, and by Christmas the SCOTUS will just pick some random guy from the MidWest, hand him a crown and sceptere, and proceed to hang themselves in frustration.

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